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EN10204 in welding industry

Publish Date 2022-08-04
EN10204 3.2 certification, 3.1 certification are also called material inspection certificate.

This certification is a material certification for metal materials such as steel, hardware, valves, fasteners, spheres, pipe fittings, etc.

it is also widely used in the welding industry.

EN10204 3.2 certification (by a third-party organization):

The issuing authority must be an EU authorized authority. After conducting relevant tests on the types of products purchased by the buyer of the factory, declare to the buyer of the factory as a third party that the inspection results are consistent with the order.

The EN10204-3.2 certificate is a valid certificate to prove to customers that their products comply with European material specifications. Generally, for export of large equipment, pressure equipment and other products, the raw material suppliers are required to provide the EN10204-3.2 certificate to prove the raw materials used in the equipment. is compliant with European norms. The EN10204 certificate is applicable to any metal material, such as steel, welding parts and other products, and the finished product is not applicable to 3.2 certification.

EN10204 3.1 certification (the material factory does it by itself):

If a metal material factory has passed the ISO 9001 certificate issued by the EU authorized certification body, and the metal material conforms to the European material specification, the factory can issue the EN10204-3.1 material certificate to its customers.

As a seller, the metal material factory issues a material certificate to the buyer. The certificate must reflect the factory's customer name, that is, there is a clear buyer. A buyer needs a certificate.

If the metal material factory does not pass ISO9001 or the metal material does not meet the European material specification, the factory does not have the right to issue the EN10204-3.1 certificate, and must apply for the EN10204-3.2 certificate from a third-party certification body.

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